Wendy Boey

Hehuanshan in Central Taiwan | wendyboey.com

Hi there! This is Wendy, a Singaporean who enjoys visiting Taiwan for its beautiful scenery and yummy food! Since April 2016, I’ve been to Taiwan 11 times, twice on a solo trip, and have been documenting my travel adventures in my personal blog and in Facebook.

When I’m not in Taiwan, I am a Human Resources practitioner by day – and I enjoy organizing vast amounts of employee data, be it in SAP HR modules, Excel spreadsheets, or even the hardcopy and electronic P-files. I prefer to make life ‘easier’ for myself and other HR colleagues when it comes to finding employee information. I am also very curious about HR analytics, though haven’t have much a good brain in analysis. Ha! Oh well, check out my LinkedIn profile for more info on my professional life.

By night – I would usually be accompanying my husband Andy or girlfriends trying new makan places or chilling at home. I love watching detective shows, anything to do with yummy food and sometimes slapstick comedies (we seriously need a laugh!) If I feel inspired, I would be hiding in my cozy corner beadweaving delicate bracelets, or lately attempting to paint with watercolors (what a disaster!) And of course, I would be checking out Facebook or be blogging or researching for new travel places!

Gaomei Wetlands in Taichung, Taiwan | wendyboey.com